Made the news

The first thing you notice at Puna Kamalii Flowers is not the flowers it’s the employees. You see Puna Kamalii Flowers is in the business of giving developmentally disabled individuals something that far too many of us take for granted at times: the self-confidence and joy that comes from having a job. This is the only job many of these individuals have ever had and as long as individuals like you continue to purchase our flowers it could be the only job they will ever need.

Here employees come first and customers are family. Won’t you join us by making a purchase today? The flowers are beautiful and the workers are simply awesome!

Contact us today: (808) 982-8322

Mahalo nui loa (Thank you so much)

4 responses to “Made the news

  1. You are doing a phenomenal thing! I love what you are doing with your special employees! Are you on the Big Island? Do you have a booth at the Kona farmer’s market??

    • Melodylowes,

      Thank you so much for the support. Yes we are located about 15 minutes out of Hilo in the Kea’au area. We do not have a booth at the Kona’s farmer’s market but we do serve many Kona customers.

      • I had the chance to visit that area almost 2 years ago – and have been dreaming of it fondly ever since! If I ever get out there again, I will definitely look you up!

      • That would be great, and thanks again for the support, we really appreciate it. If you’re ever in need of some Hawaiian tropical flowers, leis, bouquets, etc, please keep us in mind, our employees would be very happy to set you up with something nice.

        Mahalo nui loa

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