We offer a wide variety of tropical Hawaiian flowers including anthuriums, floral arrangements, foliage, Hawaiian Lei’s, orchid blooms, and many more.

Here are a few of our popular products:































Here is a list of a few of our products:

Anthuriums – Red, Dark Red, Coral/Orange, Pink, Obake, White, Blush, Green, Brown/Yellow, Butterfly/Micky Mouse, Midori, LadyJane/Tulip, Lavender/Purple, Tropic Ice., Princess Clair and more.

Orchids – Dendrobium, Cattleya, Cymbidium, Cycnoches Oncidium, Phalaenopsis, Paphiopedilum, Red Hat Orchid, Macarra, Vanda, too many to list! Browse our online catalog or contact us directly for more information.

Green ti from aboveTropical Foliage – Anthurium Leaves, Areca Palm, Bamboo Orchid, Bird Leaves, Bo Derek Hair, Calathea Macoyana/Insignis, Circinalis, Dracaena, Hala, Lauae Fern, Lycopodium, Massangaena, Monstera, Money Tree Stalk, Papyrus, Pothos, Raphis, Pheonix, Ribbon Grass, Sago Palm, Fishtail Palm, Sanderiana, Song of Jamaica, Ti – Green, Ti – Green/White, Ti – Red, TS, Ti – Stalks, Ti – tops, Uluhe, Whaleback, flax, and more!

Exotics – Bird of Paradise, Bromiliad, Heliconia-Allan Carr, Heliconia-Hanging, Heliconia-Orthotrica, Heliconia-Yellow Caribea, Heliconia-Jamaica, Proteas, Rattlesnake, Rostrata, Tropic Fleur, Psitticorum, Red/Pink Gingers, and more!

Leis – too many to list! Browse our online catalog or contact us directly for more information.

I’d like to note that we do offer individual products, not only bouquets should you desire to order individual orchids, anthuriums, tropicals, etc.

For prices and more information please check out our Website or feel free to call our friendly staff at (808) 982-8322, we will be very happy to assist you.


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